The Trip of the Secret Caves!

We’ll sail along enormous cliffs, discover some of the caves that are impossible to reach from the land and see old shelters of pirates and smugglers built some time ago.

  59 €  p.P.      3,5 hours

The Cape of the Blue Sands!

We’ll discover the best bays and beaches of Mallorca. This is the most southern point of the island.
See the most beautiful crystal clear water and the unspoilt beaches of Mallorca par excellence.

59 €  p.P.      3,5 hours

The Coast of the Weather Gods!

Cala Figuera is located at the east coast of Mallorca. This coast has been carved by wind and water. Stunning cliffs and bays with paradise beaches such as Cala Mármols and Cala Llombards you will find.

 79 €  p.P.      6 hours

The Island of the Pirats!

It is a beautiful island indeed and it became a wildlife preservation. We recommend a tour around the island and some snorkelling around the blue cave.

59 €  p.P.       3,5 hours

What about a romantic tour of 2,5 hours with beloved ones at sea? If you want you can swim along the beautiful beach of Es Trenc and enjoy the sunset along with a glass of champagne and music.

from  39€  p.P.   2,5 hours


Monday Cap Blanc Ses Salines
Tuesday Isla Cabrera Cap Blanc
Wednesday Cala Figueras* Sunset**
Thursday Ses Salines Cap Blanc
Friday Cap Blanc Ses Salines
Saturday Ses Salines Cap Blanc Sunset**
Sunday Isla Cabrera Ses Salines

* The excursion to Cala Figuera is longer and we will arrive at 15:30 at the port of Sa Rapita.

** Departure and arrival will depend on the position of the sun.

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