Un viaje histórico en un viejo llaüt!

Colonia de Sant Jordi

por persona 70€ | 110 €

Duración 4 h | 8 h

Salidas cada día, a las 10h y a las 16h

Descubre desde el mar las playas más impresionantes de Mallorca

Desde: Port de la Colónia de Sant Jordi

Recorrido: Es Trenc, Ses Covetes, Es Carbó, Cap Salines

El precio incluye patrón prefesional, degustación tipica mallorquina y bebidas (refrescos, cervezas, vino).


Posiibilidad de visitar la Reserva Natural en la isla de Cabrera

Trajeto Excursion: Una excursión de naturaleza para máximo 10 personas

Éste excursión contiene:

  • Excursion
  • Una parada para fondear en una bonita cala para nadar o bucear
  • Equipos de snorkel están a bordo
  • gratis aperitivo y bebida fría!
  • totalmente asegurado
  • La excursión incluye varias paradas donde se explican la historia,fauna y flora de la costa

Description excursion

Hello everyone,

Let’s take a look at the route to “Cala Figuera”.
We leave the port of Sa Rapitá south-east, where we first pass the long-running beach “Es Trenc” and then Colonia Sant Jordi as well as “Es Carbó”, “Cala Tugores” and “Es Caragol”.
We reach “Cap de Ses Salines”, where on the top is the lighthouse of “Ses Salines”.
This section is very beautiful and one of my favorite regions in Mallorca because of the blue glowing colors in the water.
We continue and pass the “Torrent d’en Barragot” and “Olla de Bastons”.
Beautiful coves and sandy beaches that are the tip of two torrents, a place where the rain water flows together and thus finds its way to the sea. Here we take an anchor break for swimming and snorkeling.
Unfortunately, this is a trip we can not do often. The reason is that the wind comes most often from the East. The sea is then too turbulent and unpleasant or even dangerous.

When the wind comes from the west, the sea is calm here and we can admire the raw power of nature. After “Cala Marmols” and “Cala Figuereta”. We skip about 3 nautical miles along the beautiful cliffs in the beautiful blue water and reach “Cala s’Almunia” and “Cala des Moro”. Here it is fantastic to anchor for a swim break.
The entire coast has many proper names, which have sprung up over time and especially through fishing. After the refreshing break we pass “Caló d’en Ferrá” before reaching the urbanization “Es Llombards”.
 The structure of sandstone (mares) and the rough sea is a perfect combination for the creation of white sand beaches and also a magnet for beach lovers.
On this excursion we will come across the coves “Cala Llombards” and “Cala Santanyi”.
This will take us to the picturesque and beautiful harbor of the charming fishing village of Cala Figuera.
For the return trip we set course southwest.

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